An undiscovered country: Albania

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An undiscovered country: Albania
An undiscovered country: Albania

An undiscovered country: Albania is a country in Southwest Europe. Albania bordered by Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the east and Greece to the south and southeast. It has a coast on the Adriatic sea to the west and the Ionian sea to the southwest. Lucky country right?! I know history gets boring sometimes but just to have a clear idea about Albania, let me tell in short terms the heroic Albanian History. After being occupied for almost 500 years from Ottomans, Albania declared independence on 1912. It doesn’t end here. In 1939 Italy Invades Albania. Albanians were not many and professional fighters, they didn’t have enough war materials but they never give up their country. After Italy it was Nazism, Germany turn in 1943. After that Albania become a socialist Republic. However now Albania is free and a democratic country which welcomes thousand of visitors every year.

Albanian people are very polite and have a great hospitality for visitors. There are some people that stayed in Albanians’ houses and they enjoyed it because of some people may not have a big house or much money but they do have a big heart.  Not only if you go to north people house, but also someone tries to hurt you, they will protect you with their life because of you are their guest. This is their tradition. Because this is who they are. Hospitality is holistic for them.

If someone ever decides to visit Albania, there are many beautiful places to visit. And of course make memories. The capital is Tirane, a beautiful place to visit definitely. There is the National Historical Museum. If you go to north part, we can see the amazing Alps of Albania. The nature has been very generous with Albania. You feel the fresh air and feel there one with nature. There are amazing traditional restaurants. And that’s not all. There is sea too. Historical places as well. There is a castle, which has an interesting story. The legend says there is a woman immured there.

You may be wondering why? Three brothers were building this castle but what they built in days were collapsed at nights. So they were told from an old man to immure one of their wives. The one who were supposed to bring them lunch the next day. Well, that’s in short terms of telling. If you go there, you can see a kind of milk at the walls because of the woman asked to let her right side out of wall so her little baby could drink milk from her. This is the legend. Then I call the center of Albanian history, Kruja. In this city Albanians fought for a hundred years headed by their leader: Skenderbeu. The castle is the best proof. in South of Albania can be found the best beaches.

Well, many things about feeling proud about Albania and many things to say about this country!

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